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Yorumu gönderen: Andressa, 15.06.2013, 20:00 (UTC):
and Egghead: I'm not sure if calling Manji and Didi "denialist Muslims" is quite fair. I am a Christian, but I am at odds with the corvsnvatiee branch of my faith. As a liberal Christian I do not stand in agreement with my corvsnvatiee brothers and sisters on many issues. It is my desire that, through dialogue, a more informed light can be shown on some contentious issues (e.g. homosexuality and abortion rights). But just because I take a more liberal approach than many Christians, it doesn't mean I want to -- or should be required to -- abandon my faith. My faith is extremely important to me. How can I say that it is any different for Manji and Didi? I cannot. They are Muslim and their faith is important to them, yet they have disagreements with their more corvsnvatiee Muslim brothers and sisters. They're no more denialist Muslims than I am a denialist Christian.I think that what they mean when they say that their religion needs to be reformed, is in the same regard with which I say the same about Christianity. A majority of Muslims believe, for example, that homosexuality is a grave sin, but certainly wouldn't go out and thrown acid on gay people or attempt to lynch them. Only extremists do such things. Nevertheless most Muslims do voice their disapproval of being gay and of gay marriage, and would certainly vote against it if given a chance in a referendum. That doesn't make them extremists, it just makes them corvsnvatiee and in need of an updated course in biology and sexuality.Manji and Didi are progressive Muslims trying to reform Islam. It's an uphill battle to be sure, but not impossible. We should stand by them rather than call them denialists. They know full well there are crazies in their faith.

Yorumu gönderen: bokum, 24.11.2009, 14:20 (UTC):
bokumun dibi

Yorumu gönderen: zıkkımın dibi, 18.09.2009, 10:08 (UTC):
bak sibelmisin ne haltsan zıkkkımın dibi gibisin sanane sitemden ismimden iyrenç bir siten site diye diye saçmalık gibi bir halt oluşturmuşsun

Yorumu gönderen: BİR DOST , 25.12.2007, 13:20 (UTC):
iyrenç bir sayfa açılmyo ya beni deli etme sibel kimsen

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